At Green Pastures Beef our cattle have been raised in an environment that shows the care and nurture of a family, which is different than your traditional farm.  


Our Mission

Our mission at Green Pastures Beef is to provide our customers with 100% organic beef that is true to its name. Our cattle are raised and finished on open grass pastures in rural Illinois and receive a forage diet free of pesticides as they are continually rotated to new pastures. Our livestock are never fed antibiotics, never receive synthetic growth hormones and are never held in confinement. We are passionate about providing the healthiest and highest quality organic beef. 

We pride ourselves on being set apart from the traditional farm and hold our facilities to the highest standards because we know it's not only best for them, but us too. Taking the time to care for our cattle and pastures allows us to bond with our herd and show them we care for them- and we know that they depend on us.